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BPMC (Fenobucarb)

BPMC (Fenobucarb) Specification

Active Ingredient 95% min.
Appearance colorless liquid

BPMC (Fenobucarb) Physical And Chemical Properties

Chemical Name 2-sec-butylphenyl methylcarbamate
Empirical Formula C12H17NO2
CAS No. 3766-81-2
Molecular Weight 207.3
Structural Formula BPMC (Fenobucarb) structural formula
Melting point 32°C
Solubility 660mg/l in water, >200g/l in dichloromethane, isopropylalcohol, toluene,
Vapor pressure 1.6mPa at 20°C
Acute oral LD50 500-700mg/kg (rat)

BPMC (Fenobucarb) Formulations

  50% w/w E.C.

BPMC (Fenobucarb) Application


BPMC, Fenobucarb, is a most popular pesticide for plant hopper in worldwide. It is extensively used for control of plant hopper in rice.

BPMC is a low mammalian toxic carbamate with a good action against leafhoppers and planthoppers major pests of rice. It acts as a contact poison. It has a relatively fast killing action and a moderately long residual action. But it is none phytotoxic to rice and harmless to beneficial predatory and pollination insects.

BPMC can kill the insects in winter with its strong contact poisoning and quick effects, especially to blacktail rice leafhoppers which are resistant to organic phosphorus insecticides. It can prevent the cotton leafhoppers, paddy (stem) borers and big borers, and has certain effects to insects of fruit trees, vegetables and tea. It can also be made into mosquito incense and spraying agent.

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